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I started RNS from my university kitchen in February 2017. Since then, we've sold over 30,000 meals and our mission is simple - to create happy, healthy people.


The problem that most of us have is that healthy eating isn't easy. It can be time-consuming, tasteless & even confusing. 


That's where can help out. We'll demystify nutrition, improve your health & free up your time, enabling you to live a happier, healthier life.


We deliver your meals every week ready to eat: not only do you not have to cook, but there's no need to shop, queue up, prep ingredients, portion meals, deal with wastage or clean dishes. The average client saves 7 hours per week.


Access to nutrition experts: our team includes a former professional footballer, a marathon runner, a national athlete, a Thai boxer and weight loss experts. Ask us questions and we'll recommend products to suit your needs. 


We'll never sacrifice on taste or quality: I'd never serve anything I wouldn't eat myself. I live off these meals and so do my family. We've sold over 30,000 meals because we use quality ingredients and every meal tastes delicious. 



February 2019

On the left is my brother. Jhai is an ex-pro  footballer, my best friend & business partner 

... and on the right, that's me,  

a happy, healthy person!