What we do: 

RNS is a family run business based in Hitchin, where all of our meals are handmade by our passionate and knowledgeable team.

Our mission is to create HappyHealthy people. We do this through a common sense, practical approach to food - all of our meals are:

Nutritionally balanced: each meal packs a substantial protein serving, as sufficient protein is the staple of all sustainable diets. Meals can then vary in terms of carbohydrate and calorie serving to meet your individual needs. We have varying portion sizes to suit our varying clientele.

Packed with flavour: why we are different. We’re dispelling the myth that you have to eat bland food in order to improve your health. Our team of professional chefs recreate your favourite dishes, in line with our strict nutrition specification whilst using high quality ingredients. We deliver on flavour but never neglect nutrition or quality.

Convenient: All of our meals are ready to eat. We do the shopping, chopping, cooking and dishes so that you do not have to. On average, we save clients 7 hours per week. RNS is a lifestyle not a diet. It’s an easy, convenient and delicious way to enjoy food and more importantly, enjoy life.

By providing nutrition suited to your needs, we improve your health.

By never compromising on flavour, we enable clients to develop a great relationship with food. By making things convenient, we reduce the stress associated with food preparation and free up your time.

Visit our order page, to sign up and start living a happier helathier life.

Our Story: 

RNS was started by Simmy Dhillon in early 2017 whilst he was studying at university. Fed up of seeing students living off poor quality ready meals and takeaways, Simmy believed there was a huge gap in the market. Convenient food, made with high quality ingredients, which tasted delicious, and at affordable prices - it made so much sense yet no one was offering it!

RNS proved to be a huge hit with students, so Simmy convinced his brother Jhai (a former professional footballer and certified nutritionist) and his mother (the woman who taught him how to cook) to get involved. RNS set up in Hitchin - a idyllic, community focused town where the family had always lived and loved being a part of.

The people of Hitchin were being served delicious food which enabled them to improve both their health and their lifestyle. Word spread fast and RNS had more orders than they could cope with!

The family invested into RNS HQ: a purpose built, immaculate kitchen facility they constructed from nothing more than a concrete shell. A passionate and knowledgeable team were recruited and RNS grew from strength to strength.

“The journey has been incredible. Especially considering where it all started. In 2017, RNS was an idea. By 2020, RNS is an award winning meal prep company which serves 100s of happy, healthy people each week.

We’ve fed Premier League winners and reality TV stars. We donate food each week to a local homeless charity. Yet most of our clients are everyday working people. Regardless of who you are or what you do, we want to give everyone access to a happy healthy life” - Simmy Dhillon, Founder (2020)


February 2020