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We offer the following three plans to suit different needs. All plans are based on 5 days per week (2 meals per day is 10 meals per week, 3 per day is 15 per week, 4 per day is 20 per week, etc.) Click on a plan below to find out more.

Transformation Plans 

Our transformation plans are 8 or 12 weeks long, providing you with enough time to make a significant change to your health. Ideal for those needing improvements for upcoming events such as weddings or holidays.


Transformation plans include a nutrition consultation and a full bespoke diet plan, ensuring you have everything you need to achieve your goal. 


Our pricing is simple, £5 per meal on all transformation plans. Plans can be paid for in monthly instalments: 


Lifestyle Plans

On a lifestyle plan, you'll benefit from incredible time savings and sustainable health improvements. You only need to make one decision each week - select your meal options. 


There's no hassle of recipe research, calculating macros, going to the shops, prepping raw ingredients, cooking or dishes. We do all of that for you and as a result, clients save 7 hours per week on average.


Payments can either be made monthly or taken weekly via direct debit to make budgeting easier for you. On a direct debit if for any reason you do not need your meals for the week, just let us know by 9pm Wednesday and we'll ensure you are not charged.


Lifestyle plans are priced as follows with price per week shown:


Taster Packages

The majority of our clients are referred to us through friends and many sign straight up to plans, however, we understand that some clients would like to first try a taster package.


Taster packages cost between £5.25-7 per meal and are ideal for new clients wanting to try us out.